DJ Kelley is The Dating Coach

  About "DJ"

Alt Text D.J. Kelley, The Dating Coach has blended together over ten years of personal coaching experience with his research in the online dating community to create a unique coaching offer. Although online dating provides instant access to the throngs of single individuals searching for love, the process of culling, interviewing, and ultimately selecting a partner takes a remarkable amount of time. In an effort to help busy professionals find romance and love in this hectic world, “DJ” formulates a personal coaching plan customized to your needs and your schedule.

"DJ" is ready and waiting to help you understand the ins and outs of internet dating.  With your coach by your side you can rest assured that you will be better equipped to face the many choices afforded to you with confidence.  Your time will be better planned and spent more efficiently.  Don't become another online dating statistic with yet another story.  There is a reason that so many people say "I could write a book."

These services are available to only a select few.  A number of criteria are used to select qualified candidates for this program.  Click on the Get Started menu link to the left and send me your information.